Chat w iLLvibe and Myer Clarity on new album…”We Are The Aliens “.

Thursday June 22nd,2017

They are one of  THE  most innovative duo’s in music today. One was named runner up to Drake for Readers’ Choice Best Rapper by NOW Magazine in 2015 and also competed in the CBC series “Canada’s Smartest Person”. The other is one of the nations most sought after hip-hop artist/producer who as opened for such acts as Yelawolf, Royce 5’9, and Hoodie Allen. Together they’ve released what i consider a groundbreaking album that takes you on a musical journey of hip hop,soul,punk,rock,and funk music scene of yesterday,today and the future. Rudy Blair Entertainment Media Chats with “iLLvibe and Myer Clarity “ about their new album…”We Are The Aliens “.