Chat w Joe Urie Diver of Zombie about Monster Jam Triple Threat at Scotiabank Arena

Tuesday June 18th, 2019

(This Interview is also on SoundCloud  )

It’s the sport that’s adrenaline charged, stunt filled, speed pumping, crash filled family fun with some of the largest trucks on the planet! (12 feet tall,12 feet wide weigh minimum 10,000 pounds). Monster Jam Triple Threat  returns to Toronto’s  Scotiabank Arena‎ this weekend (Friday June 21st-Sunday June 23rd 2019) . Rudy Blair Entertainment Media  speaks with Joe Urie Driver of Zombie   about the sport , why there will be 4 competitions this weekend, that this was the 1st time Toronto will have MJ in June and that women are some of the best MJ drivers in the sport.  

(Zombie Monster Truck Freestyle – Greenville | Monster Jam 2019  )