Chat w Director Robert Cuffley on his new wrestling movie “CHOKESLAM”

Monday April 10th,2017

A new movie about a deli clerk who wants a second chance at love with his high school sweetheart who just happens to be one of the toughest professional wrestlers in the world, (with special appearances from WWE Hall Of Famer “Mick Foley” & Canadian wrestling legend “Lance Storm”) can be seen in selected Cineplex Theatres across Canada.
Rudy Blair Entertainment Media Chats with “Robert Cuffley”, the Director of..”CHOKESLAM”.

NOTE- “CHOKESLAM” can be seen at these Cineplex Theatres:
Toronto (Cineplex Scotiabank), Regina (Cineplex Southland), Calgary (Cineplex Crowfoot Crossing) and Vancouver (Cineplex International Village)
Kelowna (Grand 10), Ottawa (Landmark Kanata), Whitby (Landmark Whitby) and Winnipeg (Landmark Winnipeg Towne)