Intv w Canadian world music group Delhi 2 Dublin frontman SNJU on his debut solo single “Jealousy”

Monday October 19th, 2020

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The frontman of the  Canadian world music groupDelhi 2 Dublin , SNJU  has released his first solo single he describes as “a ride fueled by the energy of sexual tension that can propel you over the stars, move mountains and destroy homes ….depending on where you aim”.  Rudy Blair Entertainment Media  speaks with the Vancouver Pop R&B artist about how he as dealt with  the Covid19   pandemic, his thoughts and experiences of racism , why this was the right time to release a solo project, what is going on with the rest of the members of  Delhi 2 Dublin , have they broken up, his work on another single with Juno nominee Tyler Shaw  , if he plans to release a future album, will he perform any virtual  concerts and the incredible story behind his 1st solo single…“Jealousy” .