Q&A Interview with Emerging Toronto artist Maya Zita on alternative pop single “Ouija Board”

Tuesday March 16th, 2021

This Toronto recording artist, who mixes Alternative Pop & Jazz, was able to turn her love of horror films into her debut single about a toxic summer romance.  In this special Q&A interview Rudy Blair Entertainment Media rudyblairmedia.com  speaks with Maya Zita http://mayazita.com  about her career, how the Covid-19 pandemic changed her life, where her love of music and horror films began, her plans for 2021 and if it includes new music and virtual concerts and the unusual story behind her new single  “Ouija Board”  https://tinyurl.com/4mk7c5rm  .

Rudy Blair Entertainment Media Q&A with Toronto Artist Maya Zita

1. Hello Maya.  Thank you very much for doing this interview with me.  First I’d like  to ask how you are doing during the Covid-19 pandemic living in Toronto?  Has the shutdown affected you personally and professionally(and what have you done for your mental wellness)?

Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I have been doing well considering the circumstances. I am lucky to be living at home so I don’t have to worry about rent. I am also grateful to be studying at Metalworks Institute full time for Music Performance and Technology. I have been working in salons for about 2 years now and when quarantine began in March, my old salon ended up having to let me go due to financial strain. I began working at a different salon when stores temporarily reopened during the summer and fall. As for my mental health, I was at a very low point before I started school but I made the most out of it by writing many songs. Now that I am very occupied with school I am in a better place. Being inside gets difficult so I try to take my dog out and exercise when I have the chance to get some fresh air. I also recently became a huge bath bomb fanatic and will be occupying lots of self care time to that.

2. Growing up were you always interested in music? (you seem to also enjoy art and fashion because your very creative and visual)

I appreciate your observations as you are absolutely right. I have always loved music. Growing up I would play performance games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and The Beatles: Rock band. My mom would always put on Latina dance music and pop music when cleaning and she’d teach me how to dance. I loved to have music on all the time, especially pop. Visual art has been a huge part of me growing up as I love drawing and painting for fun. I used to take painting and pottery classes and I love sketching in my spare time. I have always been very interested in fashion and so I love to model to keep up with the industry’s trends. It also helps that my mom is known for having the best style in her family and friend groups. 

3. Did you also enjoy horror movies growing up? if so, what was your favourite scary movie and who(or what) is your favourite monster?

I have always been very fascinated with horror movies. Growing up, my friends and I used to make up super scary stories and freak each other out. My favourite horror movie would have to be Sinister because the story is so wonderfully developed. I value the mystery of them much more than the blood and gore. My favourite scary monster is definitely the Grudge because she is terrifying and she looks hilarious chasing people in video games; she runs on all fours with her head upside down since her neck is broken.

4. Who were your musical influences growing up

 Growing up, my dad and I loved singing to a good Frank Sinatra song and listening to bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Muse, Talking Heads, and Depeche Mode. My mom and I loved to listen to Latina Dance and Pop. I remember Shakira, Daddy Yankee, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and many others being my favourites as a child and still to this day. 

5. When did you know music would be your life and what steps have you taken to reach this point in your career?

I knew music would be my life from a very young age. Since I was 7 years old, I had a natural gift in singing music of all kinds and was exceptional at classical music. I have been studying ever since and have learned about classical music, opera, jazz, choral music, musical theatre, pop and so forth. Three years ago I started recording music and through consistency I have reached this point.

6. You’ve released your first single “Ouija Board,”  what’s the inspiration behind the single and also the inspiration behind the incredible video (looks like a mini movie)

The inspiration behind Ouija Board is a love analogy. I felt like the planchet that people use to control a Ouija Board and that my old partner was the ghost; darting me around whatever emotion or answer they felt since I was too easy going and lacked self respect. It’s essentially about taking your hands off the planchet and letting go of the relationships that are no good for you. Stability is always better than excitement. I’m so glad you like the music video! It is essentially about me going over to this guy’s place and trying to leave when I get fed up. Like most people though, it’s hard to leave the first time and usually takes multiple attempts before cutting things off. Every time I try to leave I get sucked back into the Ouija Board dystopian world of fun but the fun becomes chaos. In the bridge when I finally rip out my heart, the room returns to normal and the curse the partner had over me is lifted. The final chorus shows the celebration of that liberation despite how difficult it was to leave.

7. Will there be an EP or album to follow and if so what will it sound like?

I am planning to release more singles and eventually an EP when I finish my studies at Metalworks in 2022.

8. Will there be an EP or album following this release and also any plans for virtual performances in 2021

Yes I am planning to release a single called, “How Dare You” which has a similar theme but is unique in its own special way. I also am releasing a collaboration with another amazing artist Zoe Starra. While preparing those, I will be posting covers of my favourite songs and of course fan requests.

9. Tell me something about yourself that no one knows (could be a fun skill, quirky habit or hobby or something you have overcome)

One secret of mine is that I miss being really short; I was 4’6” until I was 13. People would help me out with almost anything because I looked so cute and small. Now that I’m 5’7”, I’m usually the one doing the reaching for others. 

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